Frequently Asked Questions
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What of packaging do you provide?

We pack our flowers in our limited edition Art Boxes, and we are happy to provide an eco-packaging on request. There’s is only one thousand of each box produced before the design is changed and the first 25 to be sent are signed and numbered by William. If you prefer to receive your flowers in eco-packaging, please let us know when ordering.

Please contact us on 07311 542 642 (WhatsApp) or by email studio@cereusnights.com

Is Art Box recyclable?

Not currently, but we are working on it! So please bear with us, and we will have something beautiful to show you very soon. In the meantime, we encourage you to reuse our Art Boxes, even if they have imperfections from travelling. Cut them up! Store your ties, socks, or papers in them. Make them into memory boxes. They are compact and stack together beautifully. You can keep, pass on and enjoy them creatively.

Can I return my box for you to reuse?

We don't yet offer this service; We suggest you to keep and reuse our Art Boxes. They will change through the year and are limited edition, each telling a new part of our visual journey.