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Preparing your flowers
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What will I need to prepare my flowers?

An appropriate vase and a pair of garden scissors or secateurs to trim the stems is all you will need! You will find a care card with detailed instructions in your box of flowers. Conditioning flowers involves cutting the end of the stems at a 45-degree angle and removing any leaves below the waterline.

What kind of vase will I need?

Any vase with an opening width of around 8cm and no taller than 25cm will work well with our flowers. We suggest a hurricane vase, a bell jar or apothecary style shaped vases.

If you don't have a suitable vase at hand, we offer the Cereus Standard Vase selected to fit perfectly with our flowers for just £15, including delivery; you can select this during the sign-up process or if your already a member, then give us a call or email, and we can add one to your order.

How do I know how to arrange my flowers?

We encourage you to be as creative as possible, split the flowers into different smaller vessels, cut them to different lengths, add dead sticks you find on your daily walk, keep last week's order, and merge the dried ones to great effect! We want to encourage you to look at flowers in a new way.

We will post an image or video of how we have arranged them weekly on our social media to help inspire and guide you. So what's in your box may vary. So post yours and tag us! We'll give you a shout out on our stories.

Can you cut the stems with regular scissors?

Yes, regular scissors are fine; secateurs also work. Just cut them at a 45-degree angle for maximum absorption; this allows the flowers to drink plenty. For spray type flower (with multiple heads), cut off any of the flowers that are ageing to get the most out of the remaining flowers.

Do you trim the leaves, and if so, how much?

Yes, we would suggest taking off any leaves below the waterline. The leaves take water that can go to the flowers; leaves also can provide a fuller, greener effect and have a beauty of their own. Removing all leaves can give a more modern impact; it's partially a thing of taste.

How much water to put in the vase?

About half full. Keep an eye out that all the stems are under the water; make sure the waters fresh and cold. Don't forget to add your flower food!

Is tap water fine, or does the water need filtering?

Tap water will be just fine!

How do I use the flower food?

Every two days, clean the vase and refresh the water; this will help stop bacteria growth, which has a horrible smell and shortens the life span of your flowers.

How often do I replace the water and flower food?

Every few days, we suggest, you can usually see how fresh the water is from whether it's cloudy or not; if it starts to smell bad, it's time for a change. Rinsing the ends of the stems can also help to remove and dead matter.

Where should I place my flowers?

Ideally, out of direct sunlight and heating, somewhere the air is still. Maybe somewhere you'll see the arrangement every morning, or on the dinner table could be nice.