Frequently Asked Questions
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Why the name?

It's a play on the name of one of our favourite flowers, The Night Blooming Cereus, also known as 'The Queen of the Night'. It only blooms for one night a year in the desert. The Night Blooming Cereus can grow in New Mexico, Mexico, and some of the Caribbean Islands. The scent is pungent and distinctive.

What are your Company values?

We care about our customers getting the highest quality product. We want to bring you joy and each box to truly feel like a gift a close friend would buy for you.

Where are the flowers packed, and by who?

In our studio, it's in Limehouse in London. We have a lovely team; our head florist Daina oversees sourcing and curating, working closely with William as an ongoing conversation. Daina managed a flower shop on Borough market for ten years before joining our team. She has excellent relationships with the wholesalers and knows flowers like a Yorkshireman knows pies. That's why we are so excited when we find a new flower to show you.

What is Cereus Nights Sustainability policy?

Here at Cereus Nights, we do our best to closely follow general guidance on the 3 R's of recycling and try to reduce, reuse and recycle everything that comes through our business. We are continuously improving our service to provide a more sustainable experience of our vision of beauty for our customers. From using cycle couriers, developing eco-friendly packaging for our flowers, and sourcing English-grown flowers when in season, we try where we can.

What is Cereus Nights Covid-19 policy?

All of our staff are being monitored daily for fever and\or illness at home and will be self-isolated if they show any signs or either, following government guidelines. We use safety measures like disposable gloves to handle flowers and packaging. Our deliveries operate with a no-contact deliver.

Are you hiring?

We prioritise hiring people from the LGBTQI+ community, especially from BAME backgrounds; it's essential for us to provide a safe and nurturing workplace with the London living wage that can help support people onwards who may otherwise not be able to find safe environments to work. So please feel free to email us at studio@cereusnights.com.

How do I get in touch?

We encourage you to WhatsApp or call us on 07311 542 642 or by email studio@cereusnights.com

Unit c, Gallery West, Cable St Studios,
566 Cable St, Limehouse, London,

How do I get in touch for a press or marketing request?

We are always looking to collaborate and happy to hear from you; best to email us at studio@cereusnights.com.

Do you sell flower accessories or any other products?

COMING SOON! Don't worry; we've got exciting things coming over the following years—a lot already in the works.

I have some feedback on my flowers.

We value customer feedback. Don't worry; we want your critiques; we're not a sensitive bunch and want you to feel heard. So get in touch, and we'll try our best to adjust what we're doing to take on board your thoughts if they align with our business vision.